Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Welcome to Charge: the future of energy

We are journalists who happen to be married to each other. We created this blog to bring ideas about energy and the future sources of energy front and center.
One of us (Yvonne) is a TV journalist at a local television station. The other one of us (Dan) is a writer and a technology analyst.

Two years ago, we had hoped to begin a trade publication to cover the emerging alternate energy industry. It would have been a publication to tie together the various aspects of the industry from wind to seawater to transportation breakthroughs.

At the time, when we presented our ideas to established trade publication companies, no one seemed to be interested to back such an enterprise. We then investigated the possibility of beginning the publication as a website. We have such a website up and running, but we are still not ready to launch it. You can look at it at

So for now, we have refocused our efforts on a smaller venture i.e. such as this blog.

Dan is a well-known writer in the fields of home entertainment, telecom, and audio.
He has been an established writer in these areas for the past 20 years. His study on the structure of transportation revolutions is becoming a reference work on the Internet. It is available at:

Yvonne is an Emmy-Award winning television newswriter and producer.
Both of us will try to keep the public informed about the many changes occurring in the emerging areas of the energy industry. I hesitate to use the term "alternate" because energy is the lifeblood of our economy and our way of life. Unless new sources of energy are expanded and developed, we may all have to rethink how we go about our daily activities all over the planet.


Tim Symonds said...

Hi Yvonne and Dan, the debate in the UK is whether the present Labour government intends to build some more nuclear reactors, at least in part to keep down green house gas emissions. What is your response to the fact alternative enegery nowhere near meets more than a few percentage points of the electricity demands of an industrialised country like the UK?

Geoffrey Styles said...

Welcome to the world of energy blogging. I'm impressed by your "Emergency Overstated" posting, though I might quibble with a few points. If you're interested, check out, which I started in 2004 for some of the same reasons you cited.

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